The Performance and Pedagogy Working Group is in the process of reimaging itself, and we are seeking collaborators in shaping its future. This June and July we will host two sets of global workshops, spread across multiple time zones, to explore the complex relationship between performance and institutions of pedagogy.

We begin from the premise that performing/performance engenders specific ways of knowing. At the same time, organizations and institutions are, themselves, formal and informal rule systems that codify modes of being across their architectural, textual and digital platforms. At the intersection of these considerations, we will focus on embodied knowing, institutional being, and imaginative doing within the performance of pedagogy and the pedagogy of performance.

Each set of workshops will consist of three bi-weekly sessions. Beginning with shared materials and a set of initial questions, the sessions will use a variety of online tools (including Zoom, SpatialChat, Wonder, and Google Docs) to invite participants to draw, perform, collect and share ideas. Each session will be recorded and shared prior to the following gathering, allowing participants to attend all three sessions or enter and exit each workshop sequence as required.

We welcome all expressions of interest in joining us in this exploration. For more detailed information on the workshops, including updated scheduling and advance materials, please sign up here.

Adelheid Mers