Everything II by Lee Su-Feh. Photo by Bruce Barton


To join luster; to unite (several shining bodies) in one illumination.

Performance Studies international is home to many communities. The members of these communities emerge out of myriad cultural and geographic points of origin, interacting in both physical and virtual intersections. These communities of exchange take many forms, such as the PSi Working Groups and the PSi Future Advisory Board (FAB), among other ad hoc and emerging clusters.

In these extraordinary times, such communities sustain, extend and enrich vital international relationships through joint inquiry, analysis, creation and experimentation. PSi Constellate 2021 is an attempt to provide a flexible framework for the activities of these groups, in order to identify possible constellations of shared interest, opportunity and interaction.

Rather than a centrally curated event, PSi Constellate 2021 is a distributed and evolving program. As such, this page is very much a ‘living document’ that will be updated on an ongoing basis as plans are devised and revised by the participating groups over the coming year, and as new groups opt to ‘join luster.’ Complete information for all events is available in the Events Calendar section of the PSi site; simply follow the group heading, below, and then click on the “Details” icon in the individual listings.

The vast majority of the events identified below are open to all PSi members, and all the participating Working Groups also eagerly welcome new members. Participation in all Constellate activities requires PSi membership. However, reflecting the extreme challenges associated with the pandemic, PSi has established a Pay-What-You-Can membership fee option for 2021. Full membership information can be found here.

We encourage you to explore the program and to revisit it regularly in order to keep up-to-date on the remarkable opportunities for connection and interaction, at a time when both have been in conspicuously short supply.

Bruce Barton and Jennifer Nikolai
PSi Working Group Officers and PSi Constellate 2021 Coordinators

Performance & Critical Social Praxis
Working Group


This event will offer culminating reflections on the virtual RoRo, exploring the geographic, conceptual, creative and ethico-political links made by the performance interventions.

View the Neighbourhoods Series Poster.

Recorded events available for 24 hours at: https://vimeo.com/user135660443.

Artistic Research
Working Group

Constellations of Engagement Through Artistic Research

Performance & Pedagogy
Working Group

Institutions of Pedagogy: Performing Ways of Knowing

The Performance and Pedagogy Working Group explores embodied knowing, institutional being, and imaginative doing, as and through pedagogy and performance.


Dramaturgy & Performance
Working Group

The Dramaturgy and Performance Studies Working Group broadly considers the particular situation of dramaturgy in relation to performance studies. It opens new perspectives on dramaturgy that are not considered in theatre studies contexts nor in cognate fields of research such as literary studies.


Performance & Science
Working Group

The Performance and Science Working Group brings together scholars and artists with an interest in collaborations between performance (academic studies and practice) and science.


Future Advisory Board

Summer School 2021

The Future Advisory Board (FAB) is a collective body of international emerging and early-career performance studies scholars, artists, and artist-scholars. We bring together perspectives, strategies, tactics, provocations, ideas, visions, hopes, and dreams from our various practices of theory and performance.



We are now living through durational ends—biological as much as political, embodied and yet intangible, capitalist and also planetary. Ends are upon us together. Ending is our hope as it will provide us with a condition—a “post-”: a narrative, a telos—that liberates us from being in a state of perpetual parenthesis; an ever-flowing means without ends and endless ends. “Please, liberate us from our chronic anxieties.” Since June 2019, members of the Ends network have speculated on immanent and imminent forms of ends through affective, aesthetic, and political resonances. Ends proposes to take finitude as multiple, as an ontological overlap of ceasings and to develop collective epistemes of terminality. 

The Ends Constellate engages with practices of distributed authorship and performance as the methodology for collective ends. In parallel, or overlap, we address the ends of the human, the planet, democracy and its mobility rights, among others. Ends Constellate will host several sessions throughout 2021, where performance thinkers and makers will discuss ends and ending from various positions.