In conjunction with ongoing theoretical and disciplinary explorations, PSi has consistently innovated in its meeting formats. Until recently, the documentation for these efforts has been scattered in offices, basements, attics, and storage spaces around the world. An effort to consolidate these materials was launched in 2011. Records of the Board’s activities and all conferences were prioritized for collection. Members have also donated wide range of items, including personal mementos, annotated programmes, videos of performances, audio of sessions, email correspondence, memorabilia, T-shirts, and printed ephemera. Some gaps remain – notably the early history of PSi and calls for papers/proposals – and donations that may address these gaps are eagerly sought. PSi is finalizing arrangements to deposit its archive at the Fales Library (New York University). The Fales Library will henceforth regularly collect materials pertaining to the Board, regional meetings, and international meetings.

For donations to or further information about the PSi Archive Project, please contact Heike Roms.