To join luster; to unite (several shining bodies) in one illumination.


We are now living through durational ends—biological as much as political, embodied and yet intangible, capitalist and also planetary. Ends are upon us together. Ending is our hope as it will provide us with a condition—a “post-”: a narrative, a telos—that liberates us from being in a state of perpetual parenthesis; an ever-flowing means without ends and endless ends. “Please, liberate us from our chronic anxieties.” Since June 2019, members of the Ends network have speculated on immanent and imminent forms of ends through affective, aesthetic, and political resonances. Ends proposes to take finitude as multiple, as an ontological overlap of ceasings and to develop collective epistemes of terminality. 

The Ends Constellate engages with practices of distributed authorship and performance as the methodology for collective ends. In parallel, or overlap, we address the ends of the human, the planet, democracy and its mobility rights, among others. Ends Constellate will host several sessions throughout 2021, where performance thinkers and makers will discuss ends and ending from various positions.