Every conference year, PSi grants several awards to reward and advance the global study of performance. These awards provide recognition and financial support for emerging scholars, activists, artists, and conference participants from underrepresented regions to honor their investment in PSi and support their participation. For more information about specific awards, deadlines, procedures and eligibility, please see below.

The laureates of all awards are listed here.

Candidates who wish to be considered for an award must hold a valid PSi membership and complete the award application process.  

Dwight Conquergood Award

Every conference year the Board of Directors of PSi bestows this award in honour of the memory of Dwight Conquergood (1949-2004); a ground-breaking ethnographer and former Vice President of PSi, best known for his cross-disciplinary research on the disenfranchised. The award is presented to an individual whose work around cultural performance in some way carries a connection to Dwight’s own practice. The award covers the cost of attending the annual PSi conference, including travel, accommodation and registration fees.  

Enrichment Bursary

The Enrichment Bursary is to support new and unaffiliated artists/scholars/activists, particularly these from under-represented groups, to attend the PSi conference and make a contribution.  The Enrichment Bursary covers the costs of attending the annual PSi conference, including accommodation and registration fee, but not travel expenses.  It is paid for and awarded by the conference organizers who oversee and conduct the reviewing process.  Only applicants who have already had their proposal for a presentation accepted by the organizers of the current PSi conference can receive the award.

Artist | Scholar | Activist Award

The Artist-Scholar-Activist (ASA) Award is an award for outstanding achievement within the cross-disciplinary field of performance. The award is given to an Artist/Scholar/Activist who has spent at least a decade fostering exchange among ASA and whose work has facilitated collaboration either interdisciplinary or international. The first award was granted in 2012 to Bobby Baker at the PSi Conference in Leeds. Nominations may come from both the conference director ahead of the conference and from the PSi Board of Directors. The PSi prize committee will then appoint a winner in collaboration with the conference organizers. The Artist|Scholar|Activist Award consists of $1000 (USD), plus conference registration.