Dwight Conquergood Award

Who can apply?

The Dwight Conquergood Award will be given to an artist, an activist, or an emerging academic conducting research or working on projects with disenfranchised communities.  The award will be open to graduate students and early career researchers (up to three years since PhD) as well as to practitioners and community members who may be working outside of educational or institutional structures.  Only applicants who have already had their proposal for a presentation accepted by the organizers of the PSi conference are eligible to receive the award. 

How to apply?

The application for the Dwight Conquergood Award consists of:

1. a one-page CV;

2. a two-page statement outlining (a) why you are applying and (b) how your  work relates to the spirit of Dwight Conquergood’s work, for example by focusing on marginalized groups or challening the boundaries between scholarly work and a wider sense of ethnography;

3. the contact details of two referees;

4. if you are studying for a higher degree, please include a letter from your supervisor about progress to date; and

5. if you are a practitioner, please include a letter of support from someone who knows your previous work.

Please send all of these materials to the PSi Awards Officer, Beau Coleman (bc2@ualberta.ca). 


When to apply?

The next application opportunity will be in 2022, the deadline is not yet available.


What does this award consist of?

If an airfare is involved, the Dwight Conquergood Award will only cover the cost of an economy airfare. Accommodation costs will be covered at a hotel to be agreed upon between the applicant and the Board of Directors of PSi and only for the duration of the conference.  The award covers the full cost of registration as well as 1 year’s membership of PSi.


When will I know the result of my application?

The judges are Beau Coleman (University of Alberta; PSi Awards Officer) and three other members of the PSi Board of Directors.

The date for notification of the committee’s decision will be announced. 


What happens if I win?

The Dwight Conquergood Award will be granted every year at the AGM of the annual PSi conference. Winners of the award must attend the conference and the AGM.