A unique opportunity to participate in this online series of 8 workshops from Anishinaabe Theater Exchange. Please support by attending and sharing if you possibly can thanks. Starts Sat January 22.

The Anishinaabe are one of the largest groups of shared identity among Indigenous Peoples in the United States and Canada. The Anishinaabek extend from northern Canada all the way into the southern United States. Anishinaabe has many translations, “good people” “kind people” “first people” “beings made out of nothing” “spontaneous beings” “those who live upon the Earth in the right way”.

This workshop series will introduce patricipants to key elements of Anishinaabe Lifeways through the Niizhwaaswi Mishomisag (7 Grandfather Teachings) and Niizhwaaswi Dodemag (7 Clans) as tools for living a good life. This series breaks down how these gifts and responsibilities have the power to enrich our cultures, personal journeys, and global society.

Within each workshop you will discover one of the 7 Grandfathers as well as exploring Anishinaabe Clan system and roles, language and world views. We will go further in depth with each Grandfather and Clan exploring decolonization, truth-telling, anti-racism and realizing their implications into our own lives and communities.

A series of 8 online 2 hr workshops (drop-in’s welcome)
Starting: Saturday, January 22, 2022



Example local times:
San Francisco (PST) 9am-11am
Winnipeg (CST) 11am-1pm
Ottawa (EST) 12noon-2pm
Washington DC (EST) 12noon-2pm
London (GMT) 5pm-7pm
Amsterdam (CET) 18:00-20:00