Performance Matters 4.1-2 Published: “Circus and Its Others”

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Performance Matters has just published its latest issue at This special double issue on “Circus and Its Others” has been guest-edited by Karen Fricker and Hayley Malouin, and contains 23 contributions addressing a range of contemporary global circus practices and topics.

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Peter Dickinson, Editor
Department of English/School for the Contemporary Arts/Institute for Performance Studies, Simon Fraser University

Performance Matters
Vol 4, No 1-2 (2018): Circus and Its Others
Table of Contents

Step Up, Step In: A Welcome Message (n.p.)
Jennifer Miller

Introduction: Circus and Its Others (1-18)
Karen Fricker, Hayley Malouin

Gender and Difference in Contemporary Circus (Section Editor: Karen Fricker, Brock University)
Gender Asymmetry and Circus Education (19-35)
Alisan Funk

Carriers, Those Seeming Heroes: Might They Be But Ordinary Humans? (36-41)
Marion Guyez

Cavalia’s Odysseo — A Biopolitical Myth at Work (42-51)
Ante Ursic

Briefs: Bending Gender in Australian Contemporary Circus (52-56)
Kristy Seymour

Reading Circus Bodies and Signs (Section Editor: Michael Eigtved, University of Copenhagen)
From Civilization to Regulation: Airports, Circus (Bodies) and the Battle over Control (57-65)
Michael Eigtved

In Search of the Dramatic Composition: A Contemporary Circus Performance as a Structure of Signs (66-70)
Veronika Stefanova
Disrupting the Binary of Otherness—A Semiotic Reading of the Performance L’autre by Claudio Stellato (71-77)
Franziska Trapp

The Acrobat-Body: The Other Body (78-83)
Marcos Nery

From Postcolonial to Neoliberal? Identifying the “Other” Body in Indian Circus (84-92)
Aastha Gandhi

Location, Locatedness, and Mobility (Section Editor: L. Patrick Leroux, Concordia University)
Contemporary Circus Mobilities (93-98)
Elena Lydia Kreusch

Contemporary Circus Careers: Labour Relations and Normative Selfhood in the Neoliberal Scenario (99-103)
Ilaria Bessone

What a Beard Can Do: Performative Frames and Public Tastes (104-108)
Magali Sizorn

A Modern Version of Running Away and Joining the Circus: From Inner City to around the World (109-115)
Jessica Hentoff

Is Social Circus the Other of Professional Circus? (Section Editor: David Fancy, Brock University)
Is Social Circus the “Other” of Professional Circus? (116-133)
Olga Lucía Sorzano

Social Circus: Developing Structures for Program Efficacy in the United States (134-140)
Amy Cohen

Freaks No More: Rehistoricizing Disabled Circus Artists (141-146)
Katrina Carter

Welcome to The Cyborg Circus Show: Imagining Disability Futures Beyond Normative Bodies A Manifesto (147-150)
Shay Erlich

Affirmative Freakery, Freaky Methodologies: Circus and Its Bodies without Organs in Disability Circus (151-162)
David Fancy

Freak and Queer (Section Editor: Charles Batson, Union College)
Freak and Queer: Towards a Queer Circus, Queer Hatchings, Monsters in the Cabinet, and Queering Circus Sessions (163-199)
Charles Batson, Hayley Malouin, Kelly Richmond, Taylor Zajdlik

Performance Matters