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Dear colleagues,

The working group Performance & Science brings together scholars and artists with an interest in collaborations between performance (academic studies and practice) and science to build a network, share work in progress, and explore common interests and possibilities for collaborations. In preparation for our meeting in Hamburg we invite those interested in participating to contact us beforehand so that we can circulate materials about existing projects, experiences and research prior to the meeting.

We are not asking for you to prepare a paper or any other kind of research presentation. Instead, we are planning to facilitate a conversation with the aim of identifying important thematic, theoretical, pedagogical and artistic practices that should considered by the group. We are also seeking suggestions about selections of key readings and citations from the field to be shared in advance of the meeting.

In Hamburg we are hoping undertake a collective mapping of the field and explore questions such as:

  • What are the existing interactions between science and performance?
  • How are performance and science collaborations organized and what are their outcomes?
  • What possibilities do expanded notions of performativity, like McKenzie’s technoperformance and Barad’s posthuman performativity, afford the field?
  • What are the examples of best practices to pedagogy in this area and why?
  • What practices are members of the working group invested in or interested in developing through collaboration?


Please let us know if you would like to attend and do contact us with any questions or recommendations of key readings that we can circulate to prior to the conference. If you are able to let us know of your likely participation as soon as possible we would be grateful.




Maaike and Eddie


Maaike Bleeker is a Professor in Theatre Studies, Utrecht University. Book publications: Visuality in the Theatre. The Locus of Looking (2008); Transmission in Motion. The Technologizing of Dance (2016); Phenomenology and Performance: Traditions and Transformations (2015, with E. Nedelkopoulou and J. Foley Sherman).

Eddie Paterson is a Senior Lecturer in scriptwriting for performance and new media at The University of Melbourne. Book publications: The Contemporary American Monologue (2015); Redactor (2017).


  1. Thank you for this invitation. I’m very interested in your group. The Digital Dramaturgy Lab (DDL) in Toronto has worked at the intersections of art and science for some time. Currently we are working on two major projects:

    “Performing ACT(uarial) Science/Performing Statistics” in collaboration with U of T’s Statistics Department.

    “Between Life and Death (生死界)” – Explorations of Zen and Quantum Physics in/with/through Gao, Xingjian’s (高行健) play. Experimental cross-cultural, mult-lingual, mixed-media Zen theatre”

    I will be in Hamburg and looking forward to meeting you.

  2. New Comment: 8 May 2017
    I read your announcement with great interest. Yes, I would like to attend the meeting. Kindly send me what is being circulated.
    For reflection:
    Bertolt BRECHT’s vision of establishing a Diderot Society to combine art & science. His reference to the desired theatre audiences as “children of the scientific age”. His famous sentence on arts: “the Barbarians have their arts, let us create ANOTHER!”
    My article: CERN Kicks Bertolt Brecht to Life in Critical Stqages, No11.
    Mahmoud SABRI’s Quantum realism: An art of the techno-nuclear age (1971), and
    Floris Schreve article: Global/Local Art

  3. Looking forward to participating — I have taught Psychology and the Arts and Cognitive Dance Studies at different universities since 2006 and have been a member of the Dance Engaging Science working group in Frankfurt. I am currently negotiating the ins and outs of gaining funding for (and valid institutional assessment of the value of) interdisciplinary arts-science research as an arts scholar.

  4. Thank you for the invite. This looks very interesting, my work focuses on Barad and performance and I’m about to bring out a monograph on the subject, so the opportunity to discuss Barad, performativity, performance and pedagogy is exciting! Do send me any materials that are being circulated. Many thanks

  5. Thank you for this invitation. I would love to join/participate in this working group. I am in the early stages of doctoral practice research across the disciplines of Theatre Studies, Social Sciences and Earth Sciences at Glasgow University and am particularly interested In sharing experiences of research methodologies which work across/combine arts and science disciplines and in theatre practices which foreground relationships with landscape forms and processes.
    Many thanks

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