July is the busiest month of the year for PSi Constellate 2021, with ten separate events from four different participating groups.

The Artistic Research Working Group holds a three-day intensive gathering July 7 – 9. Entitled “Perform / Respond / Extend,” the event involves 22 international participants working almost around the clock in a process of sharing, responding to, and materially extending performance projects. The ARWG welcomes observers on any of the three days of its gathering.

The Ends Group offers a one-day, two-part conference entitled “World Ends Day” on July 9. The event focuses on constellations of durational ends—biological as much as political, embodied and yet intangible, capitalist, and also planetary. Featuring two separate panels of speakers, the event is supported by University of Antwerp Research Centre for Visual Poetics and LASALLE College for the Arts, Singapore.

The Performance and Pedagogy Working Group continues its series “Institutions of Pedagogy: Performing Ways of Knowing”  on July 10, 17, and 24. These workshops utilize multiple online platforms to explore how ‘doing’ in performance does and may inform institutions of pedagogy.

And the Performance and Critical Social Praxis Working Group continues ‘Neighbourhoods,’ its ‘virtual RoRo journey 2021,’ on July 29. In this month’s event, entitled  “Sticky Spaces,” a group of artists weave between online conversations and physical performance in relation to sites of a Melbourne neighbourhood, inhabiting spaces of sticky power dynamics and covert cultural inequity.

All July Constellate 2021 events are free-of-charge for PSi members, and there is a pay-what-you-can membership offer this year. We hope you’ll take advantage of this exciting slate of programming over the coming weeks. Constellate 2021 also continues through October; view the full online program.

Bruce Barton and Jennifer Nikolai / PSi Constellate 2021 Coordinators