‘Whose Story Is It Anyway?’ finding your creative voice through Forum Theatre. Body Voice Paradox exploring strangeness through dance-theatre practice

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4pm – 6pm – Sunday, March 27, 2022 (Hackney – London, UK)

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Workshop 1: Body Voice Paradox: exploring strangeness through a dance-theatre practice – with Gabriela Flarys (4pm – 5pm)

This workshop is focused on the interplay of movement and spoken word/text, with technical and creative work on the dynamics of contradiction. It is a dynamic and playful class to discover the potentiality of body expression. In the session, we will investigate body resonators (Grotowski), whilst finding clarity and precision on body movement (Laban, contemporary dance techniques, Grotowski). We will investigate endless contradictions between movements, spoken words and different body parts in order to create and sense strangeness.

Workshop 2: Whose story is it anyway? – finding your creative voice through practical exercises based on Forum Theatre approaches with Almiro Andrade (5pm – 6pm)

This workshop is focused on the meanings of text and voice, with both theoretical and practical frameworks responding to the dynamics of authorship and sense of belonging. We will explore both what is written and what can be read between the lines of a text in context.

With both workshops all levels and backgrounds are welcome: actors, performers, dancers, and those interested in playing with the body and the voice. All the exercises can be adapted to suit each participant’s level.

Image credit: Luca Migliore

With funding support from the National Lottery Community Fund as ‘Roots to Better Health’.