Intro to Embodied Dreamwork – Practicing in a Liminal Space with Harald De Bondt

“How can embodying our dreams integrate in our artistic practice, and what happens if we do?”

Starting January 10, 2022

Online Course of 4 Workshops (Drop-In’s Welcome)

A space to connect deeply, listening with our whole bodies and – from that place of connection – An embodied dreamwork circle where participants are invited to be curious about their wondrous dreamworld, its shapeshifting locations and characters.

London (GMT): 5pm-7pm
San Francisco (PST): 9am-11am
New York (EST) 12noon-2pm
Brussels (CET): 18:00-20:00
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Registration, images and video from Harald De Bondt:


Monday 10th January 2022: Intro to Embodied Dreamwork – Sharing Dreams
Monday 24th January 2022: Intro to Embodied Dreamwork – Felt Sense of Imagination
Monday 7th February 2022: Intro to Embodied Dreamwork – Exploring the Dream Space
Monday 21st February 2022: Intro to Embodied Dreamwork – Interacting with Dream Characters

Take-Away Benefits:

1. A stronger capacity to imagine and remember dreams
2. Access to symbols and images that live in your body
3. A new layer of intuition to support the evolution of your practice
4. Clarity on some of your personal unconscious patterns and beliefs