Applications Due: August 9, 2021

Workshop dates: September/October 2021 TBD

Organizers: Sozita Goudouna, Eero Laine, Sarah Lucie, Juliana Moraes, Malin Palani, Leah Sidi, Rumen Rachev

Ends invites performance scholars and practitioners to participate in a collaborative writing workshop. This workshop follows from the processes that were developed in writing an academic article with nine authors across almost as many international time zones. Our group has been meeting and writing together throughout the pandemic, and we are keen to invite others into our collaborative process through the PSi Constellate program.

Drawing on the Ends’ proposition that “the ends are upon us together” and the pandemic’s demonstration that ends are differentially lived, we cultivate and develop the workshop as an encounter with other artist-scholars, which occurs across distance and through difference. We ask that participants bring ideas or a constellation of topics that they are enthusiastic about and would like to work on with other performance practitioners and scholars. We are particularly interested in developing and expanding methodologies of shared and collaborative writing and creation. The workshop is open to all who are similarly inclined and we welcome the opportunity to think, write, and create work together.

The workshop will begin by developing shared practices of writing and editing together in a shared online document. We will then turn toward more specific topics and potential projects that our group finds compelling to work on. By the end of the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to end their participation or to continue their collaboration at yet to be arranged meetings with the remaining group or with smaller clusters. The workshop entails a commitment to meet on Zoom for three workshop sessions over the course of a few weeks and asynchronous writing before and between meetings. We anticipate the workshop sessions to be held in September/October 2021, depending on the schedules of participants.

To apply for the workshop, please use this link by August 9, 2021.

You will be asked for information about yourself and your interest in “Ends,” as well as your interest and/or experience with collaborative scholarship or art-making and a short description of what you would like to think through and work on collaboratively with others. We will be in touch with participants by the end of August 2021. Please direct inquiries to:;;;

Membership in PSi will be required of all participants. For those with limited resources, PSi has a pay-what-you-can membership option for 2021.