Algorithmic Rituals is a participatory movement workshop for creating rituals that ponder how we can create space for ourselves in the a world structured so largely by computers. From social media to search engines and healthcare to our jobs, computers are making so many decisions about all of us, and there’s often little say we have.

In this 1:45 hour workshop, we’ll use movement and conversation prompts to think about how our lives and bodies relate to these systems. We’ll work from a flowchart based on our habits around technology to generate movements, and combine them together, and alter them based on each other’s movement to see what patterns emerge.

The sessions will occur online via Zoom at the following dates and times:

Wednesday July 7th at 5:00pm MDT (UTC-6:00)
Friday July 9th at 5:00pm MDT (UTC-6:00)
Saturday July 10th at 2:00pm MDT (UTC-6:00)

To register, please go to and follow the links to Eventbrite. You can also check out a demo video produced with EMMEDIA, who are presenting this project, at that site.

Kathryn Blair