GPS Issue 3.2 Now Live

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Global Performance Studies is proud to announce the publication of Issue 3.2


Felipe Cervera

Applying “The Viewpoints” to Multimedia Performance 
Darren Moore, Adam Marple, Andreas Schlegel, and Brian O’Reilly
aisthēsis: Feeling Through the Skin of My Eyes
Naomi P. Bennett
No Exit: Performance Failure in the Global Mall
Emma Willis
The Performance of Covert Cultural Landscapes: A Theatre/Archaeology Analysis
Fraser Stevens
Revisiting the Rock — Self-diffraction as a Strategy
Annette Arlander
Re-enacting Ashura and Animal Sacrifice 
Nazli Akhtari
The Timespace of Crisis on Jan Fabre’s Mount Olympus
Sylvia Solakidi
Manifesto: Theatre for the Dead
Christopher Danowski

Responses to COVID-19
A Spatial Bubble of Digital Pandemic Theatres
Kyoko Iwaki
Some Notes on COVID-19 Times, in São Paulo, Brazil
Juliana Moraes
Notes from Lockdown
Heike Roms
Re-imagining “America” in the Heart of the Pandemic
Kevin Brown

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