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Global Performance Studies

Issue 3.2: Open Issue

Call For Proposals

Global Performance Studies (GPS) is a peer reviewed, online, interdisciplinary academic journal published under the auspices of Performance Studies international (PSi).

 GPS seeks proposals for content in these areas:

(we encourage projects with supplemental content in multiple categories)

  • Scholarly Articles

Critical and analytical essays, position papers, manifestos.

  • Artistic Content

Performance texts, scores, scripts, digital art, recordings of performances.

  • Video

Video essays, short documentaries, interviews.

  • Audio

Audio papers, podcasts, interviews.

  • Images

Photo essays.

  • Supplemental Content

Graphics, animations, maps, data visualizations, curated archives, lexicons, annotations, ethnographic notes, games, and supplemental video, audio, and images.

Note: supplementary digital content should be carefully curated and associated with a proposal of a scholarly and/or artistic project.

Proposals for articles / projects due by May 15, 2019.

Submission of full accepted articles / projects due by September 1, 2019.

Requirements for Proposals*:

  • Proposals for full-length articles: 500-word (max) abstract.
  • Proposals for media projects: 500-word (max) abstract.
  • Proposals for reviews: 250-word (max) abstract.
  • Proposals should include the author(s) name(s) as it would appear in the journal, and 50-word biography for each author.

* For articles or reviews that involve supplemental media please include an additional 100-word (max) description of the scope, purpose, and format of the associated media. Please do not send media files with any proposal. Examples of media may be solicited as needed.

Please send submissions and questions to:

Dr. Kevin Brown
Editor, GPS
Dr. Felipe Cervera
Assistant Editor, GPS

 About GPS

Global Performance Studies is a peer reviewed online academic journal sponsored by Performance Studies international (PSi). Our goal is to provide a resource to scholars and artists who are seeking to publish both traditional articles as well cross-platform, multi-media content that pushes the boundaries of what we think an academic journal can be. We are also interested in finding ways the journal can serve a truly global audience of performance studies scholars and artists.