New MA at The Danish National School for Performing Art, Denmark

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New MA at The Danish National School for Performing Art, Denmark

We are excited to receive applications to the new MA programme at the Danish National School for Performing Arts in Denmark for fall 2019.

The two-year master’s programme in Performing Arts is the first of its kind to be offered in Denmark. The Master of Fine Arts in Performing Arts (MFA) centres on professional artistic practice and artistic research.

The master’s programme offers multiple possibilities for artistic specialisation. When applying, you must choose which specialisation path you wish to follow.

Each student will follow an independent path through the overall programme according to their chosen specialisation and their qualifying bachelor programme. Whether you have a background in acting, directing, stagecraft, dance, stage management, lighting, sound design, or another area within the performing arts field, you can apply for any specialisation. You will have one main study supervisor throughout the course of study. In addition, your subject-specific work will afford the chance to collaborate with one or more instructors.

All specialisations focus on the interaction between subject-specific professionalism, entrepreneurship, and artistic research. The objective is to develop your professional basis further and create an opportunity to specialise in an artistic field that you want to develop to a high professional level. You will learn to independently create and organise artistic projects nationally and internationally.

The MFA is open for international students. Applicants pass must pass an admission test (interview) and have undertaken an artistic education at a bachelor’s level from the Danish National School of Performing Arts (three or four years) or another relevant Danish or foreign higher education institution.


Application deadline: April 23rd, 2019.

Find the application guide here