New Performance Matters Issue Published: Performance and Bodies Politic, 4.3 (2018)

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Performance Matters 4.3 (2018), on “Performance and Bodies-Politic,” has
been guest edited by Róisín O’Gorman.

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Performance Matters
Vol 4, No 3 (2018): Performance and Bodies-Politic
Table of Contents

Performance and the Re-making of Bodies-Politic (1-6)
Roisin O’Gorman

Multiple Exposures: Moving Bodies and Choreographies of Protest in
Contemporary Catalonia (7-29)
Helena Buffery
Translating Feminicide: Women of Sand and the Performance of Trauma (30-48)
Nuala Theresa Finnegan
“Acting” under Turkey’s State of Emergency: A Conversation with Kurdish
Artists about Theatre, the Dengbêj Tradition, and the First Kurdish Hamlet
Pieter Verstraete
Performing Monument: Future Warnings (76-90)
Shalon T Webber-Heffernan
From Being One to Being-in-Common: Political Performativity, Proxemics, and
the Joys of Provisional Unity (91-107)
Gillian Marie Whiteley

On Propagating Collective Resilience in Times of War: A Conversation with
Cassils (108-127)
Eliza Steinbock, _ Cassils
A Great Silence Lay Upon the Land: Secreted Histories of Ireland (128-136)
Ailbhe Smyth
Doing Sensory Ethnography Among the Dead: Remembering Lives of Japanese
Migrants in the Trans-Pacific Sex Trade (137-154)
Ayaka Yoshimizu

The Politicized Disabled Body (155-157)
Kaite O’Reilly

Review: Paul Routledge, Space Invaders: Radical Geographies of Protest,
London: Pluto Press, 2017. 192 pp. (158-159)
Caoimhe Mader McGuinness