Research Conference Dance Movement Therapy

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Research Conference Dance Movement Therapy:

Dance is effective! Is dance effective?

– Call for Workshops –


The Society for Dance Research (Gesellschaft für Tanzforschung, gtf) and the Professional Association of German Dance Movement Therapists (Berufsverband der TanztherapeutInnen Deutschlands, BTD) would like to formally welcome you to the Research Conference for Dance Movement Therapy taking place on May 11th, 2019 from 9:00 – 17:00 at the handicap-accessible Department for Art, Society and Health at the Medical School of Hamburg (MSH), Germany.

The goal of this newly launched research conference is to give an overview of the current status of dance movement therapy research and to shed light on the existing variety of research being carried out. Further goals are to provide opportunities for continuing education, networking and gathering inspiration for new ideas, creativity and discussions: Why, what for, for whom and with what social background are we conducting research?

Research in dance movement therapy today is presented with quite a big challenge: On the one hand the economization of our health system asks for empirical studies of effectiveness, on the other hand new research methods like arts-based research, which have an open-ended approach, are continuously evolving. Can these differing research approaches with their variety of questions and methods productively supplement each other? Or do new methods critically question the ruling research paradigms, maybe even overcoming them?

Everybody and anybody who is interested in these questions, as well as in dance movement therapy research in general, is invited: Experts, young scientists, trainees, therapists and all others.

The day will consist of two state of the art lectures which will be followed by 4 parallel-occurring workshops. These workshops have the aim of communicating differing research methods and positions in an interactive way.

Researchers are invited to apply with prepared or already performed/displayed dance movement therapy research projects involving clinical, theoretical, evidence-based and/or artistic approaches. The two hour long workshops should present research questions and results while also introducing and transmitting specific research methods. Possible topics and questions include: How is dance movement therapy research conducted? What styles and/or concepts of dance are suitable for which field of application? What is the importance of art-making in dance movement therapy? Can (body) concepts of dance and/or dance science build a theoretical foundation for dance movement therapy? How does dance take effects therapeutically? Which dance movement therapy concepts, methods and theories are applied for specific disorders? What is the role of power, privilege and difference in dance movement therapy? All other questions in the field of dance movement therapy are welcome too!

Please apply with a short vita (max. 800 characters) and an abstract that explains your workshop’s goal(s) and clarifies how interactive participation is ensured in your workshop (max. 3000 characters). You will find the required form on the website of the gtf

Deadline is November 15th, 2018. Please send your abstracts to: The organization team is looking forward to your contributions!

Dr. Petra Rostock, Nicole Hartmann M.A., Magdalena Jäger BSc, Nadja Massumeh Rasch M.A., Prof. Dr. Lucia Rainer