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Performance Studies international was founded in 1997 to promote communication and exchange among artists, thinkers, activists, and academics working in the field of performance. PSi represents and supports the broad field of performance studies through its annual conference, awards, news, working groups, and GPS Journal.
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PSi #23 – DAEGU
Performance as Network :
Arts, City, Culture.

3-6 July, 2018

PSi #24 Performance as Network

Performance as Network refers to two different but increasingly overlapping systems: data networks that determine our communications, economy, politics, and society; and human networks that cohere around shared values and inform cultural practices and identity.

Performance as Network speaks to the need for discourses on performance research and more broadly on cultural research to address the methods by which the arts are created, experienced, and disseminated in and as networked phenomena.

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In summer 2016, PSi will launch its original online journal, Global Performance Studies (GPS). Join today to be part of this exciting development.

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