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4 Comments on “PSi #24 Daegu: Performance as Network”

  1. I am trying to submit the following Abstract:

    Object-Oriented Anxiety: Performance and ‘informational’ subjects
    Glenn D’Cruz, Deakin University

    This paper makes a series of observations about the anxieties experienced by a recent cohort of drama students who were required make short films using their mobile phones. The phones not only provided the students with the technical means for ‘making movies’, but also became the subject of many of the films. As we all know, these ubiquitous objects hold a central place in the lives of most people today. However, a simple pedagogical exercise revealed the extent to which mobile phones and social media are sources of terror and anxiety for their users who suspect they are becoming algorithmic automatons. This presentation attempts to tease out the extent to which we can attribute student anxiety to the rise of the ‘informational or digital person’ (composed of bits and bytes) by drawing on ideas developed by Graham Harman, Marshall McLuhan and Colin Koopman.

    I have paid my PSi membership fee, but haven’t received a number. I can’t pay the conference fee until I know whether you have accepted my abstraqct. I have tried emailing without response.

  2. Kia Ora,

    I’m just following up regarding my abstract that I submitted in January. I did not receive a confirmation email or a notification that my abstract had been accepted. If I want to follow through and attend the conference, I will need to apply to my institution for funding and a letter of acceptance is crucial for this purpose.

    Could I please ask for some follow up from the organizing committee?

    Kind regards,

    Rand Haozu

  3. This is my first time to attend the conference of Performance Studies International.
    Would you please recommend some good and inexpensive hotels near the conference venue in Daegu Arts Factory DAEGU, KOREA
    Exco DAEGU, KOREA? Thanks.

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