Instructions for PSi News

Performance Studies international aims to promote and support the field of performance and performance research in its various forms, and to stimulate communication and exchange among artists, thinkers, activists and academics working in this field. One of the ways in which PSi aims to achieve this goal is through PSi News.

Members are encouraged to post news, updates, and other items of interest to the PSi membership by using the PSi News service. Listings from PSi News are generated automatically based on the posts and emailed directly to all of the current PSi members. If you have questions about the News, please contact us.

  • Become a PSi Member

    Only currently enrolled members of PSi may post to the News. You do not need to be a member in order to subscribe to the News. PSi News is emailed either weekly or monthly depending on your preference.

  • Enter Membership Profile

    Posts can be made through the Membership Profile. To go to your membership profile, move your mouse to the person icon in the upper menu bar and select “Login” and enter your username and password from the options that appear. This will take you to your membership profile.

  • Post News Item

    In your membership profile, select “PSi News” and “Add New Post.” Enter your information in the boxes provided and click “Submit.” Your news item will be automatically added to the News and sent to all PSi News subscribers. You can review past submissions by clicking “My New Posts.” [For details, check FAQ item below]

Frequently Asked Questions