2-4 April 2013, Berlin
Regional Research Cluster

The interweaving of ‘new dramaturgy’ (Kerkhoven) and new media have changed practices and ideas in performance and lie at the centre of an emergent new paradigm that we call new media dramaturgy or NMD. NMD calls for a different and interwoven approach to understanding composition and representation in performance and in the ways that these performances engage with aspects of politics, society, culture, ideas of belonging, of place and time and, and with the reality of intercultural, imbricated forms of globality.

This symposium will address these questions in relation the influential and globally significant work of dumb type, whose performances from the mid-1980s until the early 2000s offer an important historical record of the progression of NMD; a progression wherein performance is seen to undergo dramatic transformations: shifts from representation to sensuality, from semiotic abstraction into intermediality, from singularity into a multiplication of performance imagery, and from the perspective of viewing to experience of immersion.

The cluster will feature presentations, papers, reflections and contributions on all aspects of dumb types work including:

  • Technologies, bodies, visuality and aural landscapes;
  • Intermediality in performance as an expression of interweaving performance (Fischer-Lichte and Brandstetter);
  • Cultural politics, Japan, gender, sexuality, globalisation;
  • Video art, projections, immersive art, intermediality;
  • Histories, people, places, ideas, stories;
  • Dumb type in history and as a history of the birth of NMD.

Following our symposium, we are planning a publication of significant documentation, discussions and critique.

Confirmed speakers and participants include: Peter Eckersall, Fujii Shintaro (convenors), Kawaguchi Takao, Koyamada Toru, Otori Hidenaga, Katherine Mezur, Sara Jansen, Helena Grehan, Edward Scheer, Barbara Geilhorn, Yoshida Miya, Stephen Barber, Shinya Yamaki, Keiko Takada, Wim Lunsing, Maaike Bleeker, Andreas Regelsberger, Lydia Haustein, Fran Lloyd.

Date and Location:

  • 2-4 April 2013: 2 April 6-8pm; 2-3 April 9.30-5.00.
  • Institute for Theater Studies, FU Berlin, Grunewaldstr. 35 12165 Berlin

Information: Peter Eckersall

Supported by:
Performance Studies international (PSi), International Research Centre “Interweaving Performance Cultures” Freie Universität, School of Culture and Communication, University of Melbourne, Australian Research Council.

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