Fluid States: Performances of UnKnowing is a yearlong, globally dispersed and cross-cultural event which resists the prerogatives, politics, and hierarchies of centralised and corporatized conferences, festivals and organizations in culture and arts, humanities and social sciences.

Fluid States: Performances of UnKnowing invites artists, scholars and activists from diverse cultures to participate live or online in 15 local programs of performances, symposiums and novel collaborative formats of presentation and interaction.

Fluid States: Performances of UnKnowing is a joint project of Performance Studies international (PSi) and numerous partner organizations across Africa, Europe, America, Asia, Australasia and the Pacific: universities, cultural centres, museums and other state or local institutions, NGOs and companies.

Performance Studies international is a worldwide association for artists, academics, activists and audiences interested in the features and formats, phenomenon and cultures, ecologies and research of performance. The extended breadth of performance encompasses performing arts and cultural performance in general (from political spectacle to extreme sports, from religious ceremonies to the entertainment industry), as well as other paradigms, such as organizational, technological and pedagogical performance, and performances in every day life. Throughout 2015, 15 regional research clusters will be staged in diverse but interconnected locations and regions outside or on the margins of the PSi’s traditional (US & UK) geography.


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