CFP New Bookseries Thinking Through Theatre and Performance (Bloomsbury Methuen Drama)

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Thinking Through Theatre and Performance

Series Editors: Maaike Bleeker (Utrecht University, Netherlands), Adrian Kear (Aberystwyth University, UK), Joe Kelleher (University of Roehampton, London, UK) and Heike Roms (University of Exeter, UK)

Thinking Through Theatre and Performance seeks to advance theatre and performance studies by exploring the questions performance itself is uniquely capable of asking, and by interrogating the ways in which it asks them. The series seeks to problematize the distinction between ‘making’ and ‘thinking’ by stressing their inter-relation and by identifying in theatre and performance practices aesthetic and political forms of thought and action.
The Thinking through Theatre and Performance series aims to examine theatre and performance practices as material forms of thought, and to articulate the knowledge embedded within them. The series examines the ways in which theatre is continually rethinking the possibilities of movement, space, action, image, voice, etc., exploring the logics of creative invention and critical investigation that enable performance to operate as a mode of thought sui generis.

We are looking to commission research monographs (academic as well as practitioner-led research), edited volumes, collaboratively composed projects and innovative publishing formats that:
* bring together the political, philosophical and methodological perspectives of key contemporary practitioners and leading theatre-thinkers, putting them into dialogue with one another
* investigate the creative-critical methods of performance-making and the critical-creative procedures of performance studies, and the relationship between them.
* articulate coherently the artistic practice of performance, and the academic practice of performance studies, as distinctive modes of creative – and collaborative – intellectual and political enquiry.
* have the potential to act as a critical and creative companion for performance makers and thinkers as they move through a life of performance study: not only between undergraduate, postgraduate and research levels of enquiry, but as they continue to address the demands of a range of professional contexts.

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Series Editors: Maaike Bleeker; Adrian Kear; Joe Kelleher, Heike Roms
Publisher: Mark Dudgeon,

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