Drop-in Participation is Welcome, PSi Dramaturgy WG 2017

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Drop-in participation is welcome, PSi WG on Dramaturgy, Hamburg 2017.

We invite artists and scholars, planning to attend the PSi conference in Hamburg 2017, to drop in and participate in an open and inclusive Working Group meeting on Dramaturgy and Performance.

This year we will facilitate discussion in rotating groups on the subjects of dramaturgical agency and interaction.  There currently are dramaturgical and theoretical tools available to consider an overwhelmingly large amount of factors that inform agency and affect interaction.  With this context in mind, the working group will address the following questions:

1.        How do we act on this impossible-to-grasp-at-once overflow of factors when dramaturging or researching processes of creation, performance, and audience experience within and beyond the performing arts?

2.        Why do we look at some factors and not others and how do we choose positions?

3.        How do our choices actively shape the attention, relationships, and actions we take part in fostering?

4.        What are the ethical and political implications of such choices?

5.        Are we promoting or constituting new hierarchies or relationships between elements in the world?

Our objective is to map positions, generate possible answers, and articulate new questions.

The PSi Dramaturgy and Performance working group is chaired by Pil Hansen (CA) and co-curated by Imanuel Schipper (GE) and Maaike Bleeker (NL). Questions can be addressed to pil.hansen@ucalgary.ca

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