1. Thank you for posting the conference schedule. Am I reading the schedule correctly that keynotes have been programmed to clash with parallel sessions? I would like to hear Avital Ronell’s Keynote but my paper session seems to take place at the same time. My colleague Gerry Harris gives paper at the same time as our mutual colleague Tim Etchells is giving a keynote. Am I reading this correctly?? I thought the whole point of keynotes was that everybody could attend them without any clashes. — Many thanks for reading this and I look forward to your response.

  2. My colleague Karen Juers-Munby has already commented on the scheduling of papers against keynotes. I have never known this to happen at a conference anywhere. It does make me wonder if its worth attempting to do these papers at all- since presumably all delegates will be at the keynotes? What is the logic of this?

  3. Greetings!
    Thank you for your comments. I understand your concerns and forwarded them to the conference organizers. Unfortunately, some keynotes had to be scheduled on top of panels because we are sharing space with the theater festival. I know this overlap creates some logistical issues, but I am told they are unavoidable. I apologize for the difficulties caused.

  4. I sympathize with the task facing the organizers.
    BUT… I know Kampnagel well. During June, with excellent weather, those over-lapping papers, could be held ‘outdoors’. Wishful thinking!, YES, but better than this de facto option.

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